Monday, September 16, 2013

The Inexorable Wheatening of America

First of all, this is really COOL. America really is becoming an inclusive, multi-coloured nation in many ways. It's had people of colour forever but the difference is that they're gaining access to institutions of power and pop culture that have traditionally been closed to them. From a  Black/multi-racial man in the Presidency to Hispanics in the Federal Courts to an Indian Miss America - it does seem that America, specially in the public space, is steadily becoming a more off-white or wheatish (as we say in India) country.

Second of all, check out the  tweeted reactions from some of the neanderthals that still inhabit this land. Their ignorance and hatred are sociologically fascinating. Lots more here.

And before Indians all over the world get on their high elephants I'd like to quote from a FB commenter - "Let's also not forget that Nina Davuluri would not have even a remote chance at winning Miss India because she is not 'fair-skinned'." Good point.

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