Monday, September 10, 2012


Harry Reid on Paul Ryan's Arithmetic Skills:

Being questioned by the press he said he ran that in about two hours and 50 minutes. That's pretty fast. I'd like to take a minute and apply the Ryan math to my marathon times. I'll just pick one marathon time. I ran the Boston marathon. And using the Ryan math, my time would not have been a world's record, but within minutes -- minutes -- of a world record. I could have made the Olympic team. Using Ryan math, I would have been superb. Well, Ryan's math doesn't work in marathons because you know what, Mr. President, you can always check someone's math and his math doesn't work for running a marathon or anything else. The Ryan math doesn't work with his budgets, it doesn't work with Medicare. It doesn't work with his tax plan. It doesn't work with anything that he's suggested and opined about.

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