Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Picture Worth a Thousand Strides?

A few months back I ran a marathon on a lot of Ibuprofen and...determination. Several runners carried cameras on themselves during the run, strapped to their upper arm and ended up with several memorable pictures. I only have this one picture to remember the whole experience by. Its a list of all the registered marathon participants that one had to go and check one's name against. Even though I'd been training for the marathon over a six month period by the time I got in front of this list in Florence, this was what made it feel real. That I was really going to try and run a marathon. I felt a thrill run down my spine when I spotted my name on this page - and had to capture it - using my phone camera for the purpose. I've blocked out my name to keep the anonymity on this blog that I just know you've all come to like and prize so much, dear readers (Ok its really me who prizes it ;) . But thats my name behind that white rectangle. In plain black print. Its kinda cool, huh?


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Vivek said...

ur name starts with P...

Anonymous said...
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